VC 10.0 Runtime file failed verification with installing TFS Test Controller

Yesterday I was creating three virtual servers for a customer of me with the TFS 2010 Testcontroller and test agents installed on it. The virtual servers are all new Windows Server 2008 SP2 versions. The first thing that I had to do was (obviously) installing the TFS test controller software. So I started the ISO that the system administrator had mounted for me and started the setup. After that I clicked installing test controller software because that was needed on the first server. The setup said it would install the VC 10.0 Runtime for me and the test controller so I hit the next button. The installation started but after say 5 seconds the setup failed. I opened the setup log file and saw a weird error:


CMsiComponent::Install() expects the setup file for VC 10.0 Runtime (x86), but the file failed verification.


This was not clear for me what to do so I did a search with my favorite search engine. I saw a lot of post with a corrupted version of the Visual Studio 2010 ISO. But this was not the case because this was TFS software. So I downloaded the ISO myself again and extracted all the files. This gave me also the same error.

Then I remembered that I had this error one time before. It took me 2,5 hours of searching and trying before I remembered that… I downloaded Daemon Tools lite (mounting software) and mounted my new downloaded ISO on my new virutal DVD player. Started the setup again and now it installed within a minute. Very strange but you have to mount the ISO directly on the Windows Server 2008 server and not from a network share. I tried the solution on the other two servers (they where giving me the same error) and there the solution worked also instantly.

Hopefully I help someone with this problem or a related problem so your not searching 2,5 hours for a solution (a second time).

.NET Framework 4.0 on Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6

Ralph Jansen BlogToday I was converting a website to the new .NET Framework 4.0 version. This was an existing website and was already running on a Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6.0 system. After I upgraded the files of the website, changed the config file to the right settings and changed the .NET Framework version on the ASP .NET tab in the properties window of the website to version 4 instead of 2, I was getting a “Page could not be found” error. After restarting the server, registering the .NET Framework again to IIS, I still had the same error on my screen.

When I searched the internet for a solution, I found the blog of Johan Driessen. One blog post explained the error that I was getting with the right solution. Just check if your ASPNET_ISAPI is set to the right .NET Framework (version 4). If not, enable it with the provided command. The only difference on the command in his blog and the one that I used is that I used Framework64 and not Framework.