Add video support in Blogging with Word 2013

When you write a blog in Microsoft Office Word 2013, the option to add a video isn’t their by default. You can add the video support on the following way:

  1. Go to the insert Ribbon tab
  2. Right click on an empty area and select “Customize the Ribbon”
  3. Add a new Group to the insert Ribbon tab and call it Video

  4. Choose “All Command”

  5. Search for “Online Video” and click the “Add” button in the middle so it will added to the Video group.

  6. Click OK and your done. The result will look like this

    Now you can add Videos from other sites in your blog post

My First WordPress post

This is my first WordPress post. What do I think about it? Well, I really don’t know yet. It is a free account with a default theme placed on top of it. Is that what I want? No, but for now it works. The reason why I don’t want a free blog is that I’m in real life a programmer and programmers always want to make his own code.

So what will this blog contain? Well in the beginning not much. I will submit some other blogs that I made earlier but they are in the Dutch language. Maybe some translation tools can make a difference for you guys? Other topics that I will discuss are programming related topics. Hopefully you will find some information that you need for your problem.