DevExpress Roadmap 2011

Ralph Jansen BlogThe roadmap for DevExpress 2011 is launched. In the roadmap you see that Silverlight will get much more attention. WinForms is and old technology that they probably will let go in future releases. Many users write in the comments that they want to see more attention to WinForms then Silverlight because Silverlight is not “Business Ready”. I think that DevExpress has some more inside news in the Roadmap of Microsoft. I also think that Microsoft wont work on new features for WinForms anymore.

Silverlight is the future and I think that Silverlight will get more attention by Microsoft then WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) in the future. New news about WPF is not really coming out that often and will not get that much attention as the new features in Silverlight. Silverlight 5 is coming out at the end of 2011. If you think about it, that is a very long time for a release in Silverlight versions. Silverlight 1, 2, 3 and 4 where coming out after about 9 months after each other. Silverlight 4 was released in April of 2010 so the end of 2011 is a lot longer then 9 months! My philosophy is that Microsoft will create Silverlight 5 for Desktop and Windows Phone 7 in one time. They already said that Phone 7 will get a big release at the end of the year and that the new Internet Explorer 9 will be coming this year to Phone 7 including a new version of Silverlight.

So, not so crazy that a company as DevExpress will put that much effort in creating controls for Silverlight and not for WinForms!

If you want to see the roadmap of 2011 for the DevExpress controls, you can find it here.