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I wanted to know how to add image to sandcastle. The documentation of sandcastle is long but I didn’t found a good sample of how to add an image to the welcome page.

I use Sandcastle Help File Builder to generate documentation for my applications. I also have a nice welcome page called “Welcome.aml”.

In the welcome page I have a section of the architecture of the application. I wanted to add an image of the architecture schema. The problem was that I didn’t found anywhere how to do this. The problem was that I didn’t use the id of the image but the name of the image. The solution was just to just use the id.

The solution

So to add an image from the “Media” folder into a new section:

			<image placement="center" xlink:href="Architectuurschema"/>


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  1. I had a similar problem, but I didn’t know where to find the id. I’m using the Visual Studio Sandcastle plug-in.

    I changed the Build Action property of my image from Content to Image. A property Image ID will appear where I can put in a value. It will create the Media Content File for you in the background when building.

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